Finally Feeling Safe

Title: Finally Feeling Safe
Fandom: Leverage
Character: Parker
Rating: PG
Word Count: 355
Summary: Comment_fic prompt: Finally feeling safe.


People thought she was fearless. She jumped off buildings, crawled through spaces that were barely big enough to slip through, and jumped out windows without any idea of where or on what she would land.

Truth was she was scared all the time. Scared of getting caught, scared that someday her tentative grasp of sanity would slip like a broken braking system. Everyone thought she was nuts, she did have that paper that said she was, but that was just her way of fighting the fear. True, she didn’t know how to act around regular people, but she didn’t care about people she didn’t know.

The worst moment in her career was when she had turned around inside the armor car and came face to face with James Sterling. She was prepared to fight her way out, Eliot had been teaching her, but the evil Nates of the world never got their hands dirty, they had other people fight for them.

But Sophie saved her, and it wasn’t until after she found out Sophie was the reason she’d been caught. Not only that, Sophie was the reason Eliot and Hardison got hurt. It made her head and chest hurt to think a member of her family was responsible for other members of her family getting hurt.

When she saw Sophie in the museum her first thought was to throw her laser tape measure at her head. Then she saw Eliot and Alec and her heart did that funny flutter thing it does when she has Bunny. Then Nate was there to wisk them away.

Then it was over, and her chest hurt, and she was breathing funny. She had her foot on the first step of the plane when she felt eyes on her back. She peeked back and saw Eliot looking at her and Hardison. Alec, always sensitive to Eliot’s glares, turned, his eyes wide when he found the retrieval specialist standing beside him.

With a maniacal grin she launched herself at the men, knowing they would never let her fall, because while Alec kept her heart safe, Eliot kept them all safe

~ Fini ~

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