Magnum Finds His Zen ~ Another Day In Paradise

Author’s Note:  Continuation of Magnum’s life in Hawai’i in the Sylum Clan Universe

Sylum Timeline: 2018 Jefferson is staying at Robin’s Nest while Lady Rogue prepares his new home in Los Angeles. He moves from Robin’s Nest in April 2019.

Fandom: Magnum, P.I.(1980), Blade Trinity, A-Team(TV),
Characters/Pairings: Thomas Magnum, Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, Thomas Jefferson, Hannibal King, Templeton Peck, Humphrey Marrion Murdock, Billy, Original Characters
Rating: PG-15

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Sylum Universe ~ Another Day In Paradise

Characters: Thomas Magnum, Henrietta Lange, Thomas Morrow, Jonathan Quayle Higgins III, Thomas Jefferson, Templeton Peck, Humphrey Marrion Murdoch, Oceania Clan Members, Sylum Clan Members, Original Characters
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Note:  Thank you, BJ for teaching me how to talk like a pirate in my head.
Summary: A picture from a collection of World War II photos, found by a former President begins an investigation that takes Magnum deep into his and other Clan members’ old nightmares.
Sylum Timeline: April 2018 to April 2019

* * * *

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The Circles Of My Lives


Title: The Circles Of My Lives
Series: Sylum Clan Works
Fandom: Magnum P.I.; Quigley Down Under; The Man With Iron Fists; NCIS: Los Angeles; NCIS; The Last Samurai
Characters/Pairings: Thomas Magnum; Jonathan Quayle Higgins III; Hetty Lange; Tom Morrow; Lady Blossom/Jonathan C. Wales; Katsumoto; Matthew Quigley; Franklin Frost/Richard Courtney
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 12,364
Summary: A Sylum Clan story featuring Oceania and Shogun Clans. A new Vampire realizes what being a Vampire really means, and battles to accept the circles in his new life while remaining true to himself.
Author’s Note: A huge THANK YOU to BJ Jones for allowing me to play in her ‘verse over at Sylum Clan. Love this ‘verse she created when a beloved character was ‘killed’. The Sylum ‘verse at: Sylum Clan Wiki; is 10 years old and still going strong. You can find all the fantastic stories at: Sylum Clan Archive. THANK YOU! to Taibhrigh for the terrific banner for my story.


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