Harlan In The Rearview Mirror

Harlan In The Rearview

Title: Harlan In The Rearview Mirror
Fandoms: Justified
Characters/Pairings: Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder, Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, Ava Crowder, Boyd Crowder/Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson, Robert Quarles, Art Mullen, Ellstin Limehouse, Tom Bergen, Shelby Parlow, Helen Givens, Original Characters
Ratings: PG-15
Word Count: 6,814
Summary: Raylan Givens joins the Army instead of the US Marshals. Boyd Crowder follows. How do they meet up with Tim? Justified is ‘The Units’ A-Team. Will Raylan’s brand of mountain justice unravel the layers of misconduct inside his squad or get them all killed?

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