You may download and/or print my work for your personal use. You may make eBooks for your personal use. Do not distribute my works, in any form, or offer them for download.

Note about book binding: Do not ever take my work to a professional book binder, even if it’s for your personal use. In order to use a professional, you need to have copyright release, which I can’t give you since I don’t own any of the canon elements.

Do not remix or rewrite my work. Do not write ‘missing scenes.’

Do not repost or archive my work. It lives here, and some stories are also posted on AO3. That’s it.

The art on my site belongs to the people who created it. If you’d like to use their art for any reason, you’ll need to contact them directly.

Podfics. Please contact me before embarking on the creation of a podfic.

You may not, in any way, make money off of anything I produce or in any way related to my stories; including art and podfics if they’re available.

If something inspired you … Wonderful! Make sure to give credit.


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