Before You Get Started

I am an avid reader of fandom, who is constantly inspired by all the fantastic writers participating in fan fiction.

In the course of my stories you may find … Graphic violence, graphic sex (slash & het), torture, character death, abuse (mental, sexual, & physical), incest, historically correct language and prejudices (aka: derogatory terms & names) … the list goes on.

As writers, our job is to tell a story.  Tell the best story that we can.  We don’t shy away from controversial subjects, nor do we whitewash history.  Our job is not to hold the readers’ hand, or make sure they always comfortable.

~ This may sound harsh but it’s true … You don’t have to like it … You don’t have to read it.

~ Fandom drama will not be tolerated.

~ You didn’t offer to beta for me when I asked … Don’t do it now.

~ Go forth and read. I hope you enjoy my work.

Thank you for stopping by.

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