The Best At What I Do

Title: The Best At What I Do
Fandom: Leverage
Pairings: Eliot Spencer/Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 238
Summary: Comment fic prompt: Threesomes – The good things in life.


As a retrieval specialist, Eliot Spencer knows all about the good things in life. You’d be the world’s biggest chump if you didn’t know if the item you retrieved was the real deal.

He can rub elbows with the richest snobbiest blue bloods in the world and none are the wiser that there’s a former Kentucky stable boy in their rarified stratosphere. That thought alone can create the arrogant smirk that puts him right at home among trophy wives with enough silicon for a Tupperware Party, and trust fund babies. His smile is downright nasty as he leaves their black tie parties, the fruits of their arrogance resting snugly in his pockets.

He leans against the door frame gazing at his latest retrieval efforts resting in the middle of his king sized bed. Both instruments are finely constructed and Eliot is a virtuoso at playing them both.

Aphrodite Rising from the Waves can’t hold a candle to the classic features and shy seductiveness of the brunette resting on pale Egyptian cotton.

Even an 1850’s Stauffer Martin guitar could never be more finely tuned to Eliot’s touch than the mastermind sleeping curled around the dark beauty.

Eliot’s expression is relaxed and smug as he moves toward the bed.

*Yep, retrieving Sophie from her self-imposed exile was definitely his finest retrieval to date.*

Plus the grifter could no longer gloat that he didn’t know the good things in life.

~ Fini ~

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