Welcome To Cascade

Title: Welcome To Cascade
Fandom: NCIS, The Sentinel, Las Vegas, Profiler, CSI, CSI: Miami, White Collar
Characters/Pairings: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Anthony DiNozzo, Tobias Fornell, Jethro Gibbs, Samantha Waters/Nick ‘Coop’ Cooper, Nick Stokes, Calleigh Duquesne, Danny McCoy, Original Characters,
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 14,019
Author’s Notes: Alternate Universe – Sentinels and Guides are known. Artist prompt from Red_Pink_Dots, Chapter 9. I’ve taken characters from The Sentinel, Las Vegas, and Profiler and plunked them into present day at the ages they were during their shows. Tony is the age when he left Baltimore.
Summary: Tony DiNozzo is an exceptional detective, undercover operative, and a latent Sentinel. While working undercover for both the Baltimore police and the FBI, an encounter with an undercover NCIS agent uncovers danger closer than Tony ever imagined. Not knowing who to trust, he goes deeper into his cover until he finds a lifeline.
Disclaimer: Except for the work noted as being originally mine, all works of fiction and characters thereof belong to their original creators/studios/producers/publishers. No money is being earned, and they are used without permission. I apologize for any typos I missed.

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