Life Unexpected

                                                     Banner By Taibhrigh

Title: Life Unexpected
Fandoms: Black Panther, Alien vs Predator,
Characters/Pairings: Ababuo/Sebastian da Rosa, Okoye/Nakia, Ghost and Darkness Clan members, Medjai Clan members, Vampire Council members, Original Characters
Ratings: PG-15
Word Count: 6,396
Summary: After being kidnapped from her family, Ababuo never expected to be a parent again, but while traveling through North Africa carrying messages to her old Clan, something happened to change that expectation.
Author’s Note: A huge THANK YOU to BJ Jones for allowing me to play in her ‘verse over at Sylum Clan. THANK YOU to Taibhrigh for the terrific banner art for my Sylum stories.
Disclaimer: Except for the work noted as being originally mine, all works of fiction and characters thereof belong to their original creators/studios/producers/publishers. No money is being earned, and they are used without permission. I apologize for any typos I missed.

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