My House Is A Museum, So …

Thomas Jefferson

Title: My House Is A Museum, So …
Fandom: Sylum Clan Universe: Historical Figures
Characters/Pairings: Thomas Jefferson, Lady Rogue
Rating: Gen
Summary: April 13 – Thomas Jefferson Day

“My dear, you have gone above and beyond my expectations.” He turned to face the blonde woman approaching him with two tumblers of whiskey.

“Exceeding expectations is what I do.” She clicked her glass against his. “All I did was set the stage to showcase your legal skills.”

Looking around the conference room/library that held so many of his books that had been in storage because he’d never had the space to unpack them all. The whole office looked like something out of a movie. Thankful for the long life and solid investments that allowed him to purchase office and living space on the top floor of one of Hollywood’s historic landmarks and put said money in the pocket of a friend, he turned his attention back to his companion.

“My transportation for getting through the hellish tangle of vehicles this city constantly spews?”

“The number for your car service is on your desk and in your apartment. Your new secretary also has all that information.” She reached out her hand, which he tucked in the bend of his elbow.

“To what temptation are you leading me to, now, my dear Lady.”

“Why, Thomas, to a dinner celebrating your first night in your new home, in your new city.”

The couple hired to prepare and serve their dinner retreated to the kitchen to allow them privacy.

“New home, new city, now all I need do is build a new clientele. I do hate being bored.” He gazed out the north-facing windows toward the mountains.

“Once word of your prowess spreads, I’m sure they will be knocking down your door. On the plus side, there’s always your workroom to help alleviate your ennui.”

“That was indeed a wondrous surprise, my Lady Rogue.” He raised his wine glass in a toast to his guest. “Though I’ll have to keep my tinkering to things that will fit in the freight elevator.” He chuckled as he turned his attention back to the wonderful dinner she had arranged.

After a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the company of a beautiful, educated woman, Thomas accompanied her down to her car.

“Don’t stay up all night with your dusty tomes, Thomas … You have a big day tomorrow.” Lady Rogue cajoled.

“Why do you say that?”

“You have a meeting with the CEO of Wayne Studios.”

“What did you do?”

Settled in the back seat of the Town Car, Rogue gave him a wink. “Happy Thomas Jefferson Day, Thomas.” She pulled the door shut and ordered her driver to go leaving the third president of the United States standing gaped mouth at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

~ finis ~

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