The Old Races ~ Chapter 5


Title: The Secret Identity Job
Fandoms: Leverage, NCIS, JAG,
Characters/Pairings: Eliot Spencer/Quinn, Parker/Alec Hardison, Anthony DiNozzo, Tom Morrow, A.J. Chegwidden, Ziva David, Ari Haswari, Eli David, Original Characters
Ratings: PG-15
Word Count: 9,273
Summary: They captured those responsible for the deaths of service personnel, who were also members of the Old Races. Leverage International is settling their newest member into the Pack, but they’ve been called to London to appear before the Tribunal. What’s going on with Hardison and Tony?
Disclaimer: Except for the work noted as being originally mine, all works of fiction and characters thereof belong to their original creators/studios/producers/publishers. No money is being earned, and they are used without permission. I apologize for any typos I missed.

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